about me:
(under construction)
I'm proudly eastgerman, born in DDR and grown up a little bit outside of a small village, surrounded by 5 lakes. The evening befor my birth my father paddled my mother in a kayak over the lake in front of our home. I think this gives me the impulse for love to water and canoeing. Now I live in a small old town on river Spree, also surrounded by several lakes.
My first camera I've got at my 10th birthday and I became the photographer of my class in school. My first SLR I've got, if I've been 16 years old. With 16 y too I started traveling abroad for mostly 4 weeks every summer. My destinations You can see on my travel map .
I'm interested in

camera technology
(I would like to own a camera constructed with the hitec of Canon,
the Design of Pentax,
the sensor layout of Foveon or Fuji (but real 24 -36 MP in 24x36-size !)
and the CPU /processing designed by Nikon),

elektronics and other electric
languages, other countries & peoples, history, politics
the historic migration of the peoples, of the menkind, development of the languages

my hobbies are

taking photos,
cycling and canoeing (kayak)
see waterfalls and -cascades, mountains,
remote islands, unspoiled tribes, rare wild animals

and I want to absorb all this - thats is not possible within tourist groups. !
so tourist agencies stay away ^^

I like Africa, southern America, the great Polynesian triangle
and the unspoiled eastern Europe, but in asian destinations I'm interested too
However I also like my home and so always come back again !!!!!

PS: I don't eat insects, snails etc. and I need dayly shower or a river for bathing.


NDW (german new wave),
RnR / Sixties (P. Anka, E. Presley, ...)
Reggae and african music
Dixieland and music of the 1920ies
Polynesian rhythms too, if relaxing in hammock
I like dancing walz !!!


Voxtours (german travel report series)
cabaret, satire,

"Robinson Junior"
(Il signor Robinson - Mostruosa storia d'amore e d'avventure)
and other satire
"Storm and Sorrow"
"Ordeal In The Arctic"           "Alive"
"I miracoli accadone ancora"
"Cast Away "(T. Hanks)
and other adventure movies,
things, what could happens during trips anywhere in the world

reports like
Cerro Torre (David Lama)

e.g. by Richard Christ
by Lucjan Wolanowski ,
by Hape Kerkeling
and others .............

serious travel reportages (e.g. by E. Wustmann.)

Novels like
"Lost in theTouamoutu-Archipelago",
"Lost in Afrika"

    And I'm Chocoholic

    watch Youtube

    Shooting mit GtA11+10
Shooting mit GtA11+10 btw:

fucking is more healthy then chocolate,

Chocolate You can have every day,

You have not to say compliments after,

You can enjoy it in the public

chocolate makes You happy,
- also if it's not hard on,

my favourite color :
                    what do You think ...
    sometimes I buy things,
    which I don't need, just because
    they are so amazing blue ...

       I need a glas milk for breakfast !
   I prefer brewed coffee (no machine made)!
I'm no friend of meaningless small talk;

   I've allready used smartphones, if Apple didn't know,
how to write this word,
and an 1kg-subnote before Intel created
netbooks and ultrabooks.

In gardens, forests and canoe - sorry -
there I don't like music play .

My "Holiday"-sod will mowed only every 2-3 weeks,

and I've been young too ^^

and have been looking arround ...

and had no belly till 39 yo

food in german      
"my heroes"              

are all my travel mates and photography fellows

and I envy people like
Judith Adelhoch
Jürgen Jozefowicz     Benny Rebel
Paul Nicklen,     Stefan Forster
Matte Barfuss,     Richard Gress
because they live what I dream to do ........
What I don't like:

- websites, wich waste Your time with gaudy animations instead of information
. . .
- audio-advertising at websites
- popup-windows, which waste Your time with unimportant ask
- the male cat, which pees every spring at my door
btw:         I set no great store by people, who rate the world by german level board ...